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Thursday, 23 February 2006

Hot off the presses: 419 scam from Serbia

Counter-FROM: Slabidan Graviditch
I am Slabidan Graviditch, until recently a security guard in the London branch of a Serbian executive security company. My last official duty was serving security escort duty for the wife and children of Colin Dixon, the manager of the Securitas Currency Depot in Tunbridge while my distinguished colleagues assisted Mr. Dixon in relieving the Depot of excess cash on 21st February.

Since coming into this sum of cash (estimated at £ 50,000,000, an overage of 30 million beyond our intended withdraw), disagreement has arisen amongst the members of my gang over how to allocate the windfall of $30 million (UK). My supervisor preferred to invest it in offshore gambling resorts in the Caribbean, while it was my stated intention to donate it all to charity. In the ensuing dispute, I was relieved of my duties and deprived of my fair share of the haul. But unbeknownst to my erstwhile employer, I had already secreted away a substantial portion of both of our shares under the guise of moving it to a safer location than where it is being stored until it can be safely disposed of.
This, my dear friend, is why I went to considerable effort to locate your email address; it is my sincere desire to share this bounty with the charity of your choice. Although I have only just met you, it feels like we are already best chums and I know you to be responsible with funds like these.
Since I am now in hiding in Pristina, I will need you to handle these funds on my behalf to purchase DIAMONDS on the open market in Brussels. These can in turn be converted to your currency and donated to the charity most near and dear to your heart.

Please respond to me soonest. I want you to indicate your interest to me by my email, upon your indication of your interest to travel to Brussels, I shall make arrangement to have my lawyer join you there and together proceed to the secret location to retrieve the money. You can then transfer the money directly to your Bank Account.
As soon as you prepare to be in Brussels, my lawyer will leave Serbia ahead of you to receive you in Brussels. I really have confidence in you. I will discuss with your face in details concerning the money. Your commission will be discussed later when we meet face to face by then the money must have been in your Possession. I sincerely appeal to you to keep this transaction confidential. Thanks for helping me out of a jam.
Best regards.
Slabidan Graviditch

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