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Saturday, 11 February 2006

Cartoon Catastrophe

CounterThis protracted outrage against a dozen political cartoons is unprecedented. One could say it represents the next step in the Muslim plan to dominate the world.

The what?

OK, so maybe there is no official plan. But whatever is behind what happens, it works something like this (percentages vary from one situation to another. Local concentrations will be much higher):

1. Decide which policy will work best for a particular country: Immigration or Education. Poor countries get the latter approach; rich countries, the former. However, if possible both approaches are used simultaneously, once a beachhead has been established.

2. Demand and achieve equal rights for the Muslim minority.

3. Once a Muslim population of about 10% is reached, win political office.

4. Demand and achieve special privileges for the Muslim minority.

5. Seek court decisions to overturn legislation unfavorable to Muslims.

6. Once the Muslim population exceeds 20%, start demanding Islamic education in the public schools, under the guise of multiculturalism.

7. Instigate violent confrontations between Muslims and non-Muslims; demand that the non-Muslims back down (this is where we are at now). Once they do, concede some small token to demonstrate goodwill.

8. Demand Muslim sensitivity training to prevent future confrontations.

9. Once a majority of the population is Muslim, start taking over the government.

10. If any non-Muslim tries to achieve high office, assassinate him.

11. Eliminate separation of Church and State.

12. Put restrictions on non-Muslim religious expression.

13. The last step is implementation of Sharia Law. This can be done when only half of the population is Muslim; this can occur even at a sub-national level (as is the case in Nigeria now).

What's interesting about this case, and what makes it so shocking to Westerners, is the audacity of the Muslim world to demand that everybody else play by their rules. Expect this to set a precedent for many violent confrontations to come.

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