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Saturday, 11 February 2006

The Hand of God

CounterThis is such an incredible story I decided to offer it without comment. It's from the Whiskey & Gunpowder website (a site usually devoted to investment advice)
And finally, a reader named Jon, from Virginia, forwarded this very interesting message: "You might be interested in a life-defining event during this time. (It was) ... some time in March of 1968, but I wonder if what happened to me relates to this Red Star Rogue event that I only learned about recently (Red Star Rogue is a book about the foiled Nuclear Attack on Pearl Harbor in March 1968).

"I was a very young pastor in Lincoln, Nebraska, just out of seminary. I was praying late one night in our church office when I felt a tremendous terror: it was like I could "see" a Satanic figure entering the front doors of our church, walking down the main aisle of the sanctuary getting ready to turn left toward our offices. I have never, ever experienced such utter horror and fear. I was praying frantically, confessing any sin, but suddenly found myself desperately screaming in prayer for the safety of our country. After a long time, toward about 2 AM, as I remember, I felt it was over and that we were OK. At the time, I had the strong impression (and had told others later) that some nut case in Russia was about to pull the nuclear trigger. I naturally had doubts about my discerning such an event, because it all sounded so implausible. But at the same time I couldn't account for my prayer experience that was so unspeakably real and powerful.

"That week I told friends about this prayer experience. Five of them told me that they had felt it necessary to pray for the safety of the country that week, something that was very unusual for them, so I felt that I wasn't the only one that sensed the danger. I have had a few other similar experiences like this (like for personal protection or healing), that proved to be valid, but never, ever anything so intense and terrifying.

"I always wondered what in the world was going on during that time, but never had any possible answer until Thursday of this week, when I read a summary of Red Star Rogue."

"So, ya gotta wonder, Who ultimately controls the destinies of nations!"

Well, on second thought, I will make a brief comment. This story strikes home.

I've never personally experienced a prayer session quite like this one, but I've received emails from people who did. Several of them concerned the 2000 election. At that time, several people were convinced that the fate of America tottered in the balance, and if George Bush lost the election great disaster would result. They were convinced that only desperate prayer would sway the vote to his side. What happened? A vote so close as to be inconceivable; the president of the United States won with a minority of the popular vote by winning the electoral college by a margin of some 250 votes out of an electorate of several million in the State of Florida. No national election before or since has been won by such an infinitesimal percentage of the vote. Perhaps one less person praying would have swung the vote the other way. I know one woman in Florida who was rushed to the emergency room on Election Day. She felt such a heavy weight of responsibility on her to cast her vote for Bush that she obtained, and filled out from her bed in the hospital, an absentee ballot--knowing that it wouldn't even be counted unless the vote turned out to be extremely close.

It was.

But God's hand does not always protect America. Nor does he always offer his people the opportunity to pray their country out of mortal danger.

On September 10, 2001 I attended a chapel service at the headquarters of a mission agency. One of the volunteers was there with a message on her heart from the Lord. It was such a burden to her that she had to share it, though she had not spoken in that chapel before, nor has she since. Her message: Muslims hate Israel so much (because the Jews are God's chosen people and they aren't), that they even hate America just for supporting Israel. They are doing their best to suicide-bomb Israel into oblivion, and WE ARE NEXT.

The next morning I awoke to the news of 9/11.

(disclaimer: This blogger did not vote for George Bush in 2000).

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