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Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Eructation and Ecrutation

The word is from Latin eructatio, from eructare, from e-, "out" + ructare, "to belch."

I came across this word on a web forum as a component of the phrase, "Male Bovine Eructation." In other words, "Bull Burp". Having raised bulls, I'm aware that they are not so much known for their burping (a process by which they bring forth cud for further processing), as for what they bring forth from their other end.

Obviously this word was pulled out of the dictionary in order to create a softer euphemism than the similarly coined "Male Bovine Excrement;" Bull Cud, to put it vulgarly. I suggest a slightly more fitting euphemism, which I must admit to coining myself: Male Bovine Ecrutation.

Ecrutation (from the Latin crudus "crude") becomes 'crud' by folk etymology.
The euphemized vulgar equivalent of the full phrase would be "Bull Crud".

Crud also emerges from the foremost extremity of the bull, but like the cud, is also ingested for reprocessing. That's crude.

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