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Friday, 30 October 2009

Obama declares National Health Emergency, but with no data to cite for it

Have you received a flu shot? I hope not, because the last time the US Government pushed nationwide vaccination in view of a potential flu pandemic, many people died. Not from the flu--there was not a single confirmed death anywhere in the world at the time the vaccine was released--but from the vaccine itself, and its toxic adjuvants and preservatives.

In 1979, CBS broke the news that the vaccination campaign had not only been a disaster, but that the whole scheme became part of a massive government cover-up. This time around, CBS has disclosed that probably only 1% at best of people diagnosed with swine flu actually have it. And of those who do get it, they are most likely to die of something else--like a reaction to the drugs used to treat it.

The White Man will be staying as far away from his government's flu vaccine as possible, remembering that the worse case of the flu he ever got was the year he received his first flu vaccine. No thanks, Mr. Obama. You can have your National Health Emergency; I'm keeping my health.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The folly of relying on a machine to think

It seems that six months do not pass by anymore without an airline incident in which the primary cause was the pilot relying on a computer to fly the plane for him. In a day in which it costs years of training and upwards of $100,000 to become a commercial pilot, pilots increasingly have less flying and more paperwork to occupy their attention. A case in point is the recent incident in which Northwest Airlines Flight 188 overshot its target by 150 miles while in a self-imposed cone of silence. Why? Both flight officers were busy working on their laptops while they let the computer fly the plane. Paperwork had so consumed their working life that a machine had been left to do their job--but without having access to the tools it needed to do it right.

What is so ridiculous about this is that although GPS has been available for over two decades, it's still not used to control the computers that fly all commercial airliners to their destinations. Although the technology is certainly available to prevent this sort of incident, nobody suggests using it. Instead they blame the pilots, when it is the system more than anything else that is broken.

In yet another classic, but far more tragic, example of this, a Navy minesweeper ran aground in the sacred waters of a Philippine reef. The cause? Relying on a GPS to tell them where the reef was, rather than looking at the sea charts. The GPS being a mere 8 miles off in its approximation has resulted in the sacking of the ship's commanding officer, executive officer, quartermaster, and officer of the deck--and a cost of at least $27 million to the US Navy. That's $25 million to scrap the ship, and $2 million to placate the reef's patron goddess.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Jewish Idolatry rears its ugly head

One common thread in idolatry is the deification of people after they are dead. Caesar liked the idea of deification so much that he went ahead and proclaimed himself god while he was still alive, and commanded all his subjects to pray to him. That's the extreme case, but more common are cases like Martin of Tours and Geat the Saxon. Adored (or feared) in life, they were prayed to (or worshiped) in death.

Others lived rather quiet, unassuming lives, but for various reasons were granted the attributes of deity long after their deaths, especially if their tombs were preserved to be later turned into shrines. Such is the case of Rachel the Matriarch. Many of her descendants will be traveling to her shrine this week to pray to her.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another reason why this is an anonymous blog

Charles Wesley, who wrote thousands of hymns, penned the following:

"I beg leave to mention a thought which has been long upon my mind, and which I should long ago have inserted in the public papers, had I not been unwilling to stir up a nest of hornets. Many gentlemen have done my brother and me (though without naming us) the honor to reprint many of our hymns. Now they are perfectly welcome to do so, provided they print them just as they are. But I desire they would not attempt to mend them, for they are really not able. None of them is able to mend either the sense or the verse. Therefore, I must beg of them these two favors: either to let them stand just as they are, to take things for better or worse, or to add the true reading in the margin, or at the bottom of the page, that we may no longer be accountable for the nonsense or for the doggerel of other men."

So you see, if what I write turns out to be of enduring value, we had just better expect it to be reprinted without authorization or even attribution. But, in many cases, with emendation. So it is just as well, I suppose, that it start out without being tagged to any one author, and let it take on a life of its own should it will.

Some time later, it may emerge in such a twisted form that I will have to refute it myself, and all the better then, that it was never attributed to me.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Where was Zbigniew Brzezinski on June 8, 1967?

Are we just going to sit there and watch? ... We have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren't just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a 'Liberty' in reverse."
--Zbigniew Brzezinski, referring to rumors that Israeli jets may overfly Iraq on their way to taking out Iranian nuclear reactors.

There are several things interesting about this quote. Number one, who is Zbigniew Brzezinski? He was National Security Adviser under, of all people, Jimmy Carter. Pat Robertson saw him as the tail that wagged the dog. If he is still being taken seriously 30 years after leaving office, obviously that man has some serious clout far and beyond any government position he's ever held.

Secondly, he's referring to the Liberty incident as one that was 'a deliberate accident'. I've thought this all along, but the official position of both the US and Israel is a) Israeli jets and torpedo boats didn't realize that the ship in international waters flying an American Flag was one of ours until after they tried to sink it, and b) Everything regarding the incident remains sealed under the highest levels of secrecy [until now anyway], even after most of the people involved 42 years ago are already dead.

This also raises the question: Where was Zbigniew Brzezinski on June 8, 1967?

It's interesting that only this year--four decades after the action--was a Silver Star medal finally awarded to Terry Halbardier in which Israel was actually mentioned as the nation whose jets were strafing him as he strung a makeshift antenna so that the Liberty could get out the message that it was under attack. It was only due to his actions that the Sixth Fleet was alerted and Israel was forced to stop shooting the survivors. And this came only 3 years after Halbardier finally received the Purple Heart for injuries suffered in the strafing run.

Inasmuch as Halbardier has always been a "Liberty Incident Truther" about the attack, the fact that he has finally received what should have been virtually automatic recognition for his valor implies that official US attitudes on The Liberty Incident are softening.

If I live long enough--about another 40 years--I expect to find a similar softening of the lid of secrecy that has remain clamped over the 9/11 incidents.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Man without a country

We now know that Barack Hussein Obama II was not born to Barack Hussein Obama and Stanley Ann Dunham on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii--this despite many assurances we have received to the affirmative.

How do we know? Because this is the information on the Certificate of Live Birth that his surrogates have posted images of online (he himself has never made any of these claims under oath). Images that have been closely examined and declared without doubt to be fraudulently manipulated. Were this information true, there would be no reason whatsoever to forge it.

There is no reason to doubt that Ann was his mother; and little reason to doubt that Barack was his father. Therefore there is only one line on the forged COLB that can't be true, and that is the date and location of his birth.

The conclusion is inescapable: Barack Obama is America's first African president.

[UPDATE 02 Sept 2011: Subsequent release of another altered birth certificate did not settle the question. But unless information has been stolen from B.H.O. I's INS record, the birth did in fact take place in Hawaii, on or about the date indicated. Something has been altered, however, and we can only guess what it was. Perhaps the baby's last name was not Obama, and it took a retroactive tampering with the certificate to avoid the nasty complexities of a legal name change. Search on "Obama" for the full account on this blog.]

Thursday, 8 October 2009

How Africans got black skin

I once heard this story from an authority on West African oral culture, and since it doesn't seem to have made its way online yet, I thought I might as well share it with the world. I hope someone will come along with a better version that I can link to.

In the beginning, God made everybody the same: they all had black skin. But God appointed a time when everyone could come to the watering hole and wash the blackness off their skin. He set the time at ten o'clock in the morning.

Now, the European had a watch, so he made sure to be on time. But the African didn't worry so much about the time, and he got there late. Alas, by the time he arrived, the European had used up almost all the water washing the blackness off his skin. There was only enough water left to wipe the blackness off the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.

This is why Africans to this day are black everywhere but their hands and feet. And it is also why the Europeans always go by the clock.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cracking the Google Bar Code

It's been more than 20 years since I sat down one day with a pile of envelopes and cracked the Zone Improvement Plan bar code. Excited, I then turned my hand to cracking the Universal Product Code, but soon gave up in frustration. The series of thick and thin bars seemed to carry no information corresponding to the digits beneath them.

Well, today on the 57th anniversary of the official recognition of the bar code, I finally did it. The key turned out to be that the thick and thin spaces between the bars also carry information, and, even more importantly, there are extraneous digits at the beginning, middle, and end of the code. Furthermore, there are always an odd number of digits (in order to begin and end the series with a bar rather than a space), so in the last half of the code the numerals begin with a space rather than a bar.

This all came about because today the GOOGLE logo is a bar code. I haven't been able to crack it yet, but I've gone to all the work of teasing out the digits. I don't know yet whether they are base-2 or base-4 binary, but nothing I've tried so far has worked. I welcome suggestions!

Here are the digits:


There are 55 digits, which to me probably signifies that 211 and 112 are the beginning and ending markers (which is more ZIP code than UPC code), and that the central digit, 1, marks the middle. That leaves 12 numerals of 4 digits each. They can't be read as UPC code numerals, which always consist of 4-digit sequences that add up to seven. How that is supposed to spell Google, I don't know. Maybe instead it's a date: 10-07-1952/2009.

Or, the end markers could just be the digit 2 and there are 13 numerals. Please help!

Added on October 8th:
Well, I was on the right track. The end marker '2' is only there to allow the code to end in a bar; barcodes for that reason always have to have an extra digit as long as the characters contain an even number of digits. This particular code is rather consistent, in that all other characters contain six digits. So I was a bit short on the end-markers; the symmetry of their outside digits was only coincidental.

But the extraneous 'g' truly is a mystery. In the science of textual criticism, this would be referred to as dittography, but of a rather unusual kind.

The entire barcode translates as follows:
-begin sequence-Googleg-end sequence-.

I don't see that it would have been all that hard to decode only 49 characters instead of 55, especially given that the key was freely available online. And the notion of a checksum doesn't seem to fit, as it is only used with numeric codes like UPC.

I'll check back in if anyone can solve the mystery. And yes, a malicious website in China ( has hacked into many of the sites discussing this mystery!

Friday, 2 October 2009

As phony as a three-dollar bill

I have as of late been electronically sitting at the feet of certain historians so called, who have endeavored to enlighten me in the true history of the Americas. This experience has indeed been enlightening, as well as entertaining. But at length I have felt the need to pull back and peer into the history of this movement to re-write the ancient lore of this hemisphere. And behold, along the way I found the history of this movement to include, of all things, a phony three-dollar bill. I even saw with the eyes of my understanding, a facsimile thereof, though I have yet to have hefted it.

It can be found on the plate following page 148 of this book.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Of Kittens and Kids

The queen at our farm gave birth to kittens several weeks ago. That was welcome news to the cat's owner, who absolutely adores kittens. This is her third litter and, for the first time so far, all have survived. In all our years of owning cats, we've never had too few or too many; but we do have enough already, and these four are welcome to move out once they pass the cute stage.

That's right, she had four kittens. If she lived in many cities of the United States, that would already make us criminals; many town ordinances ban owning more than four pets per residence. I'm glad that residents of these towns are presumed innocent of this offense unless somebody complains; but a criminal in hiding is no less a criminal.

And we also have children at our farm. In all our years of having children, we've never had too few or too many; but we do have enough already, and the oldest ones are welcome to move out once they are ready to start families of their own. But I don't recommend they move to St. Louis to do so.

The City of St. Louis restricts families from having more than two children per bedroom. Which means that for some home owners, amid the joys of a baby sibling arriving comes the realization that the new little one has rendered the rest of his family criminals--or exiles.

Sigh. Read the opening chapters of Exodus to get an idea of what God thinks of such a policy.