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Thursday, 9 February 2006

I Predict. . .

Ok, having slept on it, I'm ready to do a little prognostication on the subject of the previous post, namely:

What are the foreseeable results of the clash between civilisations known as the Cartoon Conundrum?

1. Free Speech is on its way out. This process which began when (closed-ended) Government Censorship in time of War was replaced by (open-ended) Government Censorship during time of Conflict (War itself having been defined away by the United Nations, but conflict having never having ceased during, and despite, the existence of that August Body). This event will only serve to hasten the process. The new paradigm, however, will be in every way touted as better and freer than the old. Sic semper tyrannus.

2. The Danish Flag is on its way out. Ironically, Danes were proverbial for their vicious and unsparing predation of the coasts of Northern Europe prior to their acceptance of Christianity as a state religion (still in effect), and the Cross as the national emblem on their flag (still in effect).

Disestablishing the Danish Lutheran Church would be like eliminating a major welfare program: it would put a lot of powerful people out of work, and offend more than it placated. So I don't see that happening as an inevitable result of this conflict, although given their relative growth rates of the two populations, within a decade or two there will be more people each week in Denmark attending mosques than churches.

But changing the flag is much easier; a simple vote of the Legislature, if not vetoed by the Executive, should suffice to effect a removal of the Crusader emblem from the national flag. The order may even come down from a superior court of the European Union. I expect this change to take effect about as soon as the last Danish veteran of WWII is positioned above his grave draped in the flag under which he once fought.

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