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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

First Stuxnet, then DuQu, now Flame.

CounterAnother virus has been found to be targeting Iran's computers. This one, Flame, isn't so much taking over or damaging, but simply spying.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

When was Barack Obama born in Hawaii? Not before 1991.

I reproduce the information at this website below:

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Obama’s biography in the booklet is as follows (image and text below):


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Obama the Pseudo-President

Counter I guess I haven't written much about Barack Obama's ineligibility to run for President in 2012, basically because he's going to run anyway, and the growing evidence of his ineligibility for the office isn't going to change that any, especially since the Supreme Court refuses to even examine it. But just in case anyone hadn't heard this already, Obama's Secret Service Registration, like every official document he has ever allowed released that may give any clue to his past, has been showed to be a forgery. And not only forged, but poorly done. American airmen in WWII prison camps did a more convincing job with the fake German ID's they crafted from scratch to aid in their numerous escape attempts.

UPDATE November 2014
As faithful readers of this blog know, most of the attacks on Barack Obama II's eligibility to be President have been disproven. As far as I know, this is the only one still standing--and interestingly, the only remaining clear case of the President destroying records that could implicate him.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The emergence of an albino race?

96885 As of the beginning of this month, my initial post on albinism has become the most-read post on this blog (it would have happened a month earlier, but Easter intervened). For some reason much fewer hits come to subsequent albinism posts. Nevertheless, I'm writing another one now to share that I have received news of albinism over three generations. In other words, there is someone whose parents, siblings, spouse, and children are all albinos. Here is the link. Here is a link to the story of albino brothers who married albino sisters, still resulting in only two generations of albinos. In both of these families, the albino marriages were arranged in an environment where it would have been difficult to marry anyone else, and with no thought that the marriages would result in 100% albino children. This was able to happen only in a culture where albinism was so rare that the factors that caused it and passed it on were totally unknown. The one family is Indian Hindu; the other, Pakistani Muslim.