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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate: still missing--and always will be

In my previous post, I wrote that more information would be forthcoming on the contested birth date of Barack Hussein Obama. We can't ever expect to know exactly when he was born, as the tribal peoples of Kenya did not reckon time in that way back then. Nonetheless, in his interactions with the US government, Barack had to give a birth date. He finally settled on one, but as I show here, it took a while.

I have compiled a list of 40 entries from his INS file and arranged them chronologically. Much of that information has now been incorporated into this post. What I excerpt here are just those dated entries containing a field for his birth date:

2/19/1959 UH Certificate of Eligibility Date of Birth 1934
8/9/1959 Form I-94 Birthdate 18/6/1934 (British notation)
9/21/1959 UH Report of Registration June 18, 1934
1959 several forms: date left blank by Barack Hussein Obama
7/24/1960 UH Certificate of Eligibility 6/18/1934
7/28/1960 Visa extension application June 18, '34
8/18/1960 Alien Registration Fingerprint Card 6/18/1934
8/31/1961 Form I-539 Visa extension application 18 June 1934
6/27/1962 Form I-20B June 18, 1934
8/17/1962 Form I-20A June 18, 1936
9/26/1962 Form AR-11 Change of address card June 18, 1934
6/16/1963 Form I-539 Visa extension application June 18, 1936
4/21/1964 Form I-539 Visa extension application June 18, 1936
6/9/1964 Form I-530 Extension denial card 6/18/34
7/22/1964 INS Report of Investigation 6/18/36

Thus we see that the switch in Obama's birth date occurred sometime in the summer of 1962, with the new date not quite firmly fixed in Barack's mind by the end of September, and not reflected in the INS' internal records until two years later. While expressing bewilderment as to the exact number of his wives, INS officials never appear to have noticed the multiplicity of birth dates.

Note, moreover--and this is significant: The Long Form Certificate of Live Birth pseudofacsimile released by Barack Obama II gives his father's age as 25 on August 4, 1961, giving Barack The First a birth date in 1936--and this was a whole year before said father stopped telling the INS that he was born in 1934.

Furthermore, 1936 is also the date given for his birth on the Kenyan Birth Certificate of his son. Oh boy. This basically leaves us with the likelihood that EVERY known facsimile of Barack Hussein Obama II's birth certificate is fraudulent. And, as it turns out, one electrocodicologist has found damning evidence that they all came from the same source.

I can find no evidence whatsoever for the reason Barack Hussein Obama gave false information regarding his birth, but whatever it is, it appears to be hereditary.

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