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Monday, 2 May 2011

Air France finds both of Flight 447's Black Boxes
In related news, the Navy Seals find Osama bin Laden--and promptly bury him at sea. But will he stay buried? Obviously, no corner of the earth, sky, or sea is now safe from the prying eyes of anyone with enough time and money to spend looking.

I should add, before everyone forgets, that when this news first broke late in the evening of May 1, 2011, it was announced that Osama had been killed a week earlier, by a bomb, and had just now finally been identified. This was all a lie. He'd been killed that day, by a bullet, and they knew who he was when they shot him.

And of course, he was buried in full accordance with Islamic custom, which--ironically enough--requires burial within 24 hours. Since his native land refused to accept his remains, it was appropriate that he was laid to rest midway between the lands of his birth and his death, in the Arabian Sea of the Indian ocean.

Some random thoughts on Osama, while he's still in the news . . .
According to the FBI, Osama's complexion was "olive." Interestingly enough, Zeituni is a common Arabic name, and means "olivey."
According to the FBI, Osama's nationality is "Saudi Arabian." This is not a nationality, it is a political affiliation. It would be like saying my nationality is "Republican American."
His nationality is actually Yemeni.

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