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Monday, 23 May 2011

The most pro-abortion President and his aborted sibling

CounterBarack Hussein Obama's Immigration File has been released following a request under the Freedom of Information Act. It contains some pretty damning information in and among such tidbits as:

- Barack Obama was deported from the US in 1964 after overstaying his student visa.
- He claimed to have been legally separated from his wife Ann in February 1964.
- He listed Barack II as a US citizen, even though no one disputes that he had Kenyan citizenship at the time.
- He was officially suspected of bigamy, as "no one could figure out how many wives he had."
- He alternately gave his birth date as June 18 in 1934 and 1936. See this post for details.
- He was considered "to be a slippery character."
- His Kenyan girlfriend flew to London in January 1964, presumably to have the child she was carrying for Barack legally killed. After this time, Barack "had money problems." Harvard was so disgusted with his behavior, they recommended he be deported.
- His address while at Harvard was The Koinonia Foundation. He also received stipends from the African American Institute, the Laubach Literacy Fund, and the Phelps-Stokes Fund--in addition to scholarships from the universities he attended.
- On some forms, he did not admit to being married. On one of these, he named his child as Roy Obama, with no wife listed.
- At the time his son Barack was born, he was in possession of a valid British passport.
- And, perhaps the most important of all: As far as the Immigration & Naturalization Service was concerned, Barack and his US citizen wife "Ann S. Dunham" had a child born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961. And they had been married since Feb 2, 1961.
- The INS considered deporting him as early as April 1961 for bigamy but he explained that he had verbally divorced his wife in Kenya before coming to the US, and planned to give up his then-unborn child for adoption. He was cautioned about "his playboy ways."
- His race upon entry to the US was listed as "Kenya."

We can tentatively draw some conclusions from this data:
1) Barack H. Obama I impregnated a girl while at Harvard and sent her off to London for an abortion. Due to his several sources of income, he was probably able to pay for it.
2) Ann Dunham was not the only girl Barack impregnated while at college, but apparently the only one who refused to have their child killed.
3) Barack, Ann, and Barry never lived together as a family. Barack was simply a baby-daddy and never supported Ann or Barry financially.
4) During the time period that his son Barry was born, Barack Obama I was not visiting Kenya, but working on a Dole pineapple plantation for $1.33 an hour (pretty good wages in 1961).
5) The INS has no record of Barack Obama leaving the US between his arrival in 1959 and his expulsion in 1964.

Either President Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate is a fraud, or someone has stolen information from his father's INS file regarding a trip back to Kenya in the summer of 1961. Given the two generations of slippery characters, either scenario is possible, although the latter is highly unlikely, given the information that remains in the file. But given the documented distance between Barack and Ann almost from the beginning of their relationship, it's highly unlikely he would have taken her back home for a visit right when she was expecting their illegitimate child.

In other words, it appears that Barack Hussein Obama II was born in America, after all. But that doesn't necessarily make him a Natural Born American Citizen, by his own definition as a presidential candidate.

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