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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Guess which Obama Birth certificate shows the most signs of forgery?

Well, it's not the Kenyan one. Nor even the one released by the Obama campaign before the election.

This report by an electrocodicologist shows that Barack Hussein Obama II's long-form birth certificate is not a genuine copy; it has been electronically manipulated, with several different layers where information was replaced--including the signatures. And the registration number, which is out of chronological sequence, has also been tampered with. Furthermore, there's no raised seal certifying that it's genuine. Even the authenticating officer's stamp is altered, reading TXE instead of THE.

It gets curiouser and curiouser. At the rate the White House releases this sort of information, is it any wonder that those demanding he meet constitutional minimums for holding the nations' highest office are still not convinced that he does?

Update May 26: It appears that the Obama campaign pulled a trick from the illegal-identity handbook and altered a dead baby's birth certificate. It appears that Obama is only one senate election away from impeachment proceedings, on the grounds that he never qualified to be president in the first place, and used fraud to pretend that he did. Looks like Herman Cain might turn out to be America's first actual African-American president.

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  1. The man has lied about so many things by this time, that once more won't affect either the pro's or con's, I suspect.


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