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Monday, 16 February 2015

Indiana Revival Report: Days 33 & 34

Day 31 doesn't seem to have involved any shark-jumping after all. On Friday night, worship included the theme song of the Welsh Revival--although some stumbled over the Classical English, and modern choruses were inserted between the stanzas. Apparently having a modern congregation sing a 110-year-old song was a lot to ask.
Saturday morning, the worship was awesome. No drums! "Spirit of the Living God, Fall Afresh on Me" is only 85 years old, apparently not to much for this crowd to handle. The dancers who have been waving flags up front for 5 weeks were very organised this morning, with long modest outfits that someone apparently had sown for them.

A winter storm blew in during the morning outreach--not so much snow as fierce winds that blew up instant whiteouts. By the middle of the day, roads had become treacherous and the rest of the day's activities were called off. About 80 people showed up anyway at Maple City Chapel to hear Kyle baptize two of them and preach to the gathered thousands over the radio (the figures being reported are 25-30,000). There was the question, however, of what to do with the 250 boxes of pizza that had been ordered.

Presidents Day, being a school holiday, again brought out hundreds of teens for the outreach.

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