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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Indiana Revival Report Day 27

Well, the 52 Days of Prayer are now half over, but the Revival continues to go strong. WFRN has been carrying all 2 hours of the evening services, pre-empting Adventures in Odyssey. Now the Spanish station is Elkhart will begin carrying the simultaneous translation. More and more people are driving in. Hundreds are still going out every Saturday, with fewer on the weekdays, especially Monday. Dozens of churches have canceled their Wednesday evening programming for the duration, making Wednesday one of the biggest turnouts for the evening service.

Since all the evening services are held in a Mennonite church, it's a bit ironic that they often feature baptisms in a tank of water on the platform (Mennonites don't baptize, they sprinkle).

Congressman Marlin Stutzman was part of the program Saturday night. He first shared his heart that the Revival would spread throughout the country, then had hands laid on him by pastors representative of the community (even an Amish minister!), who fervently prayed that he would be God's man in Washington.

A young lady who had been in a wheelchair with Lyme disease since October came from Lansing, MI, hoping to be healed. Kyle wasn't available at the time, but bystanders encouraged her to stand up and offered a prayer of healing. The former cripple got up out of her wheelchair and walked around without pain. This sort of thing is becoming commonplace.

The final day has been entitled March Forth, with details to follow. It will be a grand finale to the 52 days.

Monday will be another crucial day. Details to follow.

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