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Friday, 13 February 2015

Indiana Revival Report: Days 29 & 31

In my last post, I mentioned that there wasn't much to report on the Amish Bishops Meeting of Day 29 (2/9). Since then, I've received a bit of secondhand information on what went on--which isn't enough to form a clear picture, but way more that what has been shared so far from up front in the meetings. Since it isn't being reported anywhere else, I guess I'll go ahead, for the sake of my readers, and disclose an outline of what I've heard so far--subject to correction from eyewitnesses.

To begin with, no Amish bishops actually attended--despite every one in the area having received a written invitation. Although some concerned ex-Amish who hadn't been invited showed up, the only actual Amish who came were those already involved in Revive Indiana [CORRECTION: one uninvolved Amish minister came]. The building instead was half-filled with pastors from Revive-associated churches; I don't know what they were thinking, to stack the deck so much that even if 10% of the invited Amish leaders had showed up, they would have been outnumbered by the English.

A Black pastor in attendance publicly rebuked the Time to Revive leadership for the style of music which has characterized the meetings so far--electronic worship music with a heavy beat, right in the style of the sponsoring megachurches, but totally incompatible with the Amish lifestyle and conservative values. There has been no attempt to tone it down over the course of the first 5 weeks, and Day 31 even featured an electronically backed-up "Christian rapper" on the stage.

There's no questioning that the musical component so far appears to be attracting far more than it is repelling--Wednesday night's turnout at Maple City Chapel was over 3000, with another 400 watching from a satellite location in Topeka, usually used to tune in to services of Nappanee Missionary Church. But it's just possible that this was the week that Revive Indiana jumped the shark. Or, the significance of the Monday meeting may turn out to be that it began to change the direction of the revival to the prophesied new level of praise and worship.

This list of prophecies delivered at Maple City Chapel in 2014 was published during Week Two:
1. Many people will ask, "What is going on?"
2. Cities will be stirred up.
3. Churches will be cleansed and realigned with the will of the Father

4. The Holy Spirit will glorify Jesus by His supernatural works, and the gospel will be furthered
5. Some will be offended by the move of God.
6. Praise and worship will go to another level.

A group will be skipping Saturday night's meeting to pray for the revival [UPDATE: Saturday night's meeting was more or less canceled due to a snow emergency].

There's been a lot of interest in this post, and word continues to filter in about what happened. On Day 41, Kyle finally admitted that only 2 ministers had shown up (one of whom, we know, has been involved with REVIVE all along). But it also turns out that 3 people showed up who hadn't been invited: two ex-Amish, and a missionary to the Amish who started a church of Amish who were excommunicated for fellowshipping with him (the very charge for which Dennis Miller, the instigator of the whole Revive INDIANA project, was finally excommunicated). Their presence there seems to be more significant than that of the two Amish, neither of whom spoke; two of the non-invitees, however, spoke at length.


  1. Loud music may draw a lot of young folks, and maybe that's good, but young folks aren't the only ones who need reached. A little variety might go a long way in reaching other age groups.

  2. My one major reservation about ReviveIndiana has been the same as the black pastor's that you mentioned: What are they thinking if they are trying to reach the Amish? I expressed my thoughts in an email to the worship team, but got no response. I feel in my heart that they want to do things their way, and have closed the door to listening to God if He wants to change how worship is done.

    I feel that if I would suggest a return (if for only one night!) to the old hymns of the faith for their worship time, the suggestion would be laughed at or ignored.

    The style is that of IHOP-style praise and worship, which I personally believe is a manifestation of "spirituality" that is rooted in self-gratification, in spite of the words being mouthed. I could be wrong, and if so, may God correct me! Any IHOP connection with ReviveIndiana would make it suspect in my mind. But...see my last paragraph.

    I have a watchman's heart, not wanting any body of believers to fall into something of the flesh, or not of God. The enemy has many counterfeits, and will do whatever he can to make people think they are on track, when in fact they aren't.

    Having said all that, I don't want to discount something that is truly a move of God. I guess my attitude right now is "Wait and see".... but from what I've heard, people's lives are being changed, and the lost are being found. Praise God! He can work in spite of the failings of the staff. In fact, He can use even the most imperfect instrument (which all of us are, really), for His glory. Amen to that, yes? I'm so glad I don't have to "get to a certain level" for God to use me.


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