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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Puzzle begins to take shape: Barack Obama's African origin

In this post, I wrote that recent evidence shows Barack Obama II's Kenyan birth certificate to have been a recent forgery. I just realized that there was one possibility I hadn't considered, and that is one of Stanley Obama traveling to Kenya to visit her in-laws before the precipitous birth of her son Barack Junior, but without the accompaniment of the boy's father, Barack Senior. This could account for four different pieces of evidence:

1) The birth date of the baby's father is rather vague, which would accord with him not being present when the certificate was filled out. Barack Senior was known to give different dates for his birth, so it's quite possible that Stanley didn't know which date to give. His stepmother wouldn't be expected to have known a precise date either, not having been a part of the family at the time of his birth.

2) An unverified account places Stanley and her step-mother-in-law at the beach in Mombasa when she went into labour; no mention of Barack being present.

3) The aforementioned "Granny Sarah" reported being present at Barack Junior's birth in Mombasa.

4) From information in his NIS file, it's virtually impossible for Barack to have left the US in 1961.

Even today, it's common for a family to be split up for a trip when one member is free to travel internationally and another isn't. Barack may have not been able to get to Kenya and back on his student visa, so sent Stanley alone to meet his family, not expecting their child to be born before her return (a similar thing happened with Robin Graham, whose wife went back to the US to meet his family as he was wrapping up his solo round-the-world sailing trip, except that their baby did not come early but waited for Dad to pull in first). Inasmuch as their child's birth in Kenya was unplanned, he went ahead and had his in-laws register the birth in Honolulu, as another piece of evidence, mentioned elsewhere on this blog, clearly indicates. This certificate was then altered before it was released in 2008-11, adding a now-dead obstetrician and deleting all evidence that Barack had in fact been born in Kenya.

Well, we still don't know where President Obama was born, but we can be sure of at least one thing: he has his reasons for keeping it that way. Boy, does he ever.


  1. Is it possible that even he doesn't know where he was born, and doesn't want to find out. After all, he didn't know there are 56 states instead of 57.

    Grace and peace.

  2. Yes, homo, it is possible. He expressed not a whole lot of interest in discovering whether or not his parents ever went through the motions of a legal marriage.


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