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Friday, 28 October 2011


The White Man has it on reliable authority that all federal charges against Timothy David Miller have been dropped, and he is free to return home to Nicaragua--older, wiser, and very thankful to God and country.

UPDATE 12 hours later: And judging by the every-few-minutes hits I'm getting on this topic from the first eight time zones west of Greenwich, a LOT of people have been following this case.

UPDATE OCT 31: I'm still getting hits every few minutes, and the news has finally started to spread on the web. The latest information is that Timo has agreed to "help" with the investigation, even to the point of returning from Nicaragua to testify if needed.

The usual interpretation of such a statement is that the charges were dropped in return for the accused turning on a co-defendant. If that is indeed the case, it means that Janet Jenkins did get what she wanted and this will result in the return of Lisa Miller for prosecution. This in turn would indicate that the US Attorney, Tristam Coffin, has an ace up his sleeve and may already have Lisa in custody awaiting extradition.

But I sincerely doubt all this. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that isn't getting reported. This case is part of a much bigger picture, and the best result for all concerned would be if Lisa and Janet are reconciled, to the point that custody of Isabella is no longer even an issue. That, I believe, is still the goal of the major players in this case, and we will stay turned for more developments to be reported. There will be no further updates to this post. I think.

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  1. Thank you Jesus! We love you Timo, JoAnna, Davey, Ruthie, Lily and Tati! So glad you're all free! We love and are praying for you too, Ms Jenkins.


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