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Monday, 10 May 2010

Where do you go for unbiased search results? Not here:


This is rather humorous, really. For years I've suspected that Gargle artificially inflated the relevance of this blog in their search results. Typically, people being directed to this blog were clicking on one of the top three results in their search. This, when seldom more than one person per hour was being thusly directed.

Lately, though, I've wondered why Gurgle was so interested in my blog: reading dozens of different posts, one after the other, with sometimes several post read per visit.

I seem to have hit on what happened: somewhere at Gawgle there in Mount in View is a big fan of the TNIV, who doesn't appreciate the light I've shed on her favorite translation. The evidence: well, while running a search on TNIV typically led viewers to this blog within half a dozen clicks down the list, I've now found myself moved from, for one search, first place all the way down to 37th (and dropping). And the only two posts that show up are this one and this one--two of the posts in which I speak in defense of a reading in the TNIV.

Apparently, she's still looking for the other two.

UPDATED 5/10/2010
As of today, Groogle has officially screwed Scroogle. I guess it's off to Bing with me.

UPDATE 5/19/10
It appears that I'm still getting readers, but they're just not showing up on my SiteMeter. That's some consolation, as according to the figures that are coming through, I've only had two people read this blog in the last week, other than Gorgle.

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