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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The ACLU takes another nap

A protester at a public appearance by President Obama last week was threatened with arrest by local police.

Not because he was being belligerent (he wasn't, ever) or loud (he was, briefly). No, he was evicted from the public venue and threatened with arrest because the police didn't approve of the content of his speech (they told him so, twice).

An astonished bystander, documenting the confrontation, was also (twice) threatened with arrest if he didn't put his camera away.

This time, both suspects went out of their way to avoid arrest, and succeeded.

Not so much as a whimper was heard from that alleged watchdog of Civil Liberties, the ACLU (which organization, as it happens, used their computer system to display this blog post less than 24 hours after it was put up).

And alas, the sleeping news media took no note of the story--just another chapter in America's Loss of Civil Liberties. So, no story to link to this time. I wish my readers didn't, but they'll just have to rely on my second-hand version of the story.

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