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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Doctor has medical license pulled, but won't be charged with murder in death of patient

I don't usually report on stories like these, but this is one I stumbled upon and haven't seen anywhere else. This is big news on several fronts:

1) A legislative body instructing the executive branch to prosecute a case.
2) An abortion procedure that has all the hallmarks of murder: Premeditated, purposeful, clandestine disposal of the body, alteration of medical records.
3) The case has been pushed through by a combination of a lobbying firm and grass-roots action.
4) A doctor gets his medical license revoked for an abortion he never performed.

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  1. Actually you probably don't see this elsewhere because it isn't true. Notice the article ONLY references its own website for more info. Notice too that the facts don't make sense

    Suspect claim: The doctor only showed up after the baby was born
    Abortions are NOT performed that late in pregnancy. There is 0 chance that she was there for a legal abortion and the baby was born.

    This sounds to me like yet another made up story with no other purpose than to sicken people and give them an incorrect view of what actually goes on in the world.

    There is probably no news here at all. If this really happened, and the police were at all involved, it would be ALL OVER the news.

    This one doesn't pass the stink test at all.


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