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Thursday, 4 January 2007

Who is my husband?

CounterBhopal: In yet another bizarre tale of its kind, a man who went missing years ago has returned to his village to find his wife has re-married thinking he was dead. She now wants to go back to him. Husband No. 2 has no objection.
But Purshottam Kushwaha, who strayed into Pakistan in 2003 and was jailed there, has yet to make up his mind after finding his wife Sheela Bai married to his cousin Ajab in Dongra Prayu village in Madhya Pradesh.
Ashok Nagar district collector Mukesh Gupta said Purshottam, who used to remain mentally upset, left his village for a nearby village three years ago but boarded the wrong train and ended up in far away Jammu instead.
At Jammu, the police mistook him for a Pakistani, thrashed him, and then let him go.
"In confusion, he crossed the border and Pakistani authorities arrested him," Gupta added.
When all attempts to trace the man proved futile and it was presumed that he was dead, Sheela Bai, with the consent of all family members, married her husband's cousin Ajab in 2005.
She now has one girl child each from both husbands.
While Sheela Bai was living happily with the second husband, she received a letter written by Purshottam from a jail in Lahore in December 2004, upsetting her world. He was released in the last week of December 2006.

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