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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Marriage Resources

There are two prevailing views on marriage among believers today:
1) Marriage is for life, unless one of the partners abandons the marriage and initiates another one.
2) Marriage is for life, even if one or both of the partners are living in adultery with someone else.

A problem with both views is that they don't often address the "I blew it--now what can I do to make it right" question.

Sincere Christians are divided on this topic, and many are uninformed on important facts basic to a right understanding of the issues.

Here are the best websites I could find, respectively, giving Scriptural and historical support for the two views, along with a "then what" site:

1)Marriage can end in remarriage
2) Marriage can only end in death
3) What to do if you feel you should end a marriage

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