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Thursday, 14 July 2011

What to do it CPS/DHS/DCS takes away your children (except by then it's probably too late)

Counter As a result of this post, I'm getting a lot of hits from people wondering what happens when Big Brother makes good on his claim to their children.

I haven't had it happen to myself--not the whole process anyway--but I've seen it happen enough times to give you a pretty good idea. Let's go through the flow chart:

1. Are the children yours? If not, kiss them goodbye; you'll probably never see them again. They will join the long line of "lonely children waiting to be adopted." Two biological parents, married to each other, probably will get their own children back, if anything short of rape or attempted murder is alleged.

2. Is it Friday afternoon? Then this is probably a politically motivated stunt meant to scare you into submission. You can work on getting them back starting first thing Monday (or Tuesday) morning.

3. Have any criminal charges been filed? If not, then Big Brother will try to get you to sign something "for the good of the children." You do not have to sign anything, you do not have to let them in your house, you do not have to let them take your children. Short of a criminal investigation, they have no grounds to touch your kids.

If you already let them take your kids away before you read this, so sorry. Tell everyone you know not to let it happen to them.

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