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Friday, 15 April 2011

Defending the gifts of tongues, prophecy, and miracles from the Scriptures--way back in the early 1840's

From the Autobiography of Peter Cartwright:

On a certain occasion I fell in with Joe Smith, and was formally and officially introduced to him in Springfield, then our county town. We soon fell into a free conversation on the subject of religion, and Mormonism in particular. I found him to be a very illiterate and impudent desperado in morals, but, at the same time, he had a vast fund of low cunning.
In the first place, he made his onset on me by flattery, and he laid on the soft sodder thick and fast. He expressed great and almost unbounded pleasure in the high privilege of becoming acquainted with me, one of whom he had heard so many great and good things, and he had no doubt I was one among God’s noblest creatures, an honest man. He believed that among all the Churches in the world the Methodist was the nearest right, and that, as far as they went, they were right. But they had stopped short by not claiming the gift of tongues, of prophecy, and of miracles, and then quoted a batch of Scripture to prove his positions correct.

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  1. By garsh, if it's good enough for Joe Smith, it oughta be good enough for anyone!

    Those who want a then-current opinion of Mormonism should read the Sherlock Holmes mystery, "A Study in Scarlet."


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