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Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Morning After: An Israeli perspective

From now until the end of Ramadan, I plan to post a lot of updates on the buildup to the Persio-American War. Some may wonder why I don't refer to it as the Persio-Israeli War. Actually, that would be a good title too, as it will inevitably start out that way. But if attacked by Israel, Iran will certainly retaliate against the US, the flip side of what Saddam Hussein did in 1991. And Barack Hussein, like Franklin Roosevelt before him, will be quick to rise to the occasion, and valiantly lead the nation into another war. It's what the Democrat Party desperately needs going into the elections this November, and as their political fortunes continue to look bleaker, the chance of war breaking out is all the more certain.

Ze'ev Maoz writes, in the linked article:
One of the less discussed aspects of a possible Israeli attack on Iran is the international community's response. A plausible scenario that should be taken into account is the possibility of massive international pressure on Israel. This would consist of American pressure (assuming the attack is carried out without the United States' agreement) for disarming from the nuclear weapons Israel supposedly has, or to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and subject its nuclear facilities to the International Atomic Energy Agency's supervision.

The Israelis are obviously prepared to go ahead even without U.S. support. But rest assured, as long as the Democrats control the only body in the U.S. constitutionally empowered to declare war, that isn't likely to happen. Rumor already has it that Central Command has been ordered to let any Israeli aircraft that enter its airspace to proceed unmolested.

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