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Monday, 14 November 2005

The Megiddo Mosaic

A lot has been written in blogs about this church floor mosaic, recently unearthed on the grounds of a prison in Megiddo, Galilee. It seems everybody got at least something wrong.

I haven't been able to read the whole inscription, so I can't comment on why spelling varies so much on the names listed on the eastern side. But photos of the western inscription are easy to read, so I'll focus my attention on that.

Literally and lineally translated, the inscription is as follows:
Hereby presents
She who [is a] lover of God--
This tab-
le to G-d J-s Ch-t
as a memorial

Translations vary for the first and third lines; but there is no other translation possible for the fifth line than "to God, Jesus Christ." Yet many have been so unprofessional as to offer the following:
to the god Jesus Christos
to the Lord Jesus Christ
to the God Jesus Christ

This line, however, is absolutely explicit in its implication: Prior to Constantine, prior to the Nicene council, Jesus Christ was considered, not a god, but God Himself.

The Da Vinci Code is wrong. But we knew that already.

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