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Friday, 29 January 2021

Lisa Miller's Legal Battle Resumes

It's interesting that it was the very week in which an important deadline passed in the RICO suit against her, that Lisa Ann Miller surrendered to US authorities at the embassy in Mangua. And that this even did not register so much as a blip in the national news, formerly obsessed with the case. Not even when she was put on a plane to be rendered to the Miami Dade Detention Center for quarantine as she awaits trial for kidnapping her own daughter--the daughter who prayerfully accompanied her to the Managua airport. It's as if she is still surrounded by cloaking angels. And certainly she is being upheld in fervent prayer.


  1. Is Isabella coming back to the U.S.? If so, where will she be able to live, etc.? Or is she staying in Nicaragua with her support group in the community there?

  2. Isabella is staying with her support group in Nicaragua. She has stated that she will come back to the US in her own time. I'll post an update. TWM


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