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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A self-contradiction in Evolutionary Theory--and what they've done about it

I've been musing some more about fatal flaws in Darwinism--specifically, the element of the Theory that an overriding motivation in all living organisms is to pass on their genes to the next generation (a la "The Selfish Gene"). Contrast this with the reality that throughout the animal kingdom, mothers have to protect their young from being killed by their own fathers.  For example, in his book Ring of Bright Water, Gavin Maxwell shares his friend's frustrated attempt to raise offspring of the Scottish Wildcat. He reports that wild toms would mate with housecats, but would then return to slay their offspring the moment they were born.

Ah, says the evolutionist, but the Wildcat thrives, therefore the toms must not be killing their purebred offspring. Yes, since the Wildcat is about twice the size of a housecat--this is only because the Wildcat queens are able to defend their young against the same predatory toms. But this begs the question of where the first Wildcat came from in the first place. If toms always kill their hybrid offspring, then the first Wildcat tom, whoever he was, would have been driven to kill his offspring, the first set of half Wildcat kittens. Evolutionist hold to two irreconcilable axioms: First, that animals are driven to propagate only their own genes; and secondly, that new genes spontaneously arise in the offspring of animals that didn't have those genes. Thus, under a real-world scenario, as soon as a female gives birth to offspring with new genes not present in either parent, one or the other parent will be driven to kill it, to ensure that only offspring carrying its own genes survive.

Evolutionists are certainly stumped by this contradiction, but their steadfast belief in Evolution drives them to the even more contradictory belief that there must be some evolutionary benefit in partially extinguishing the next generation--to the point that they would actually believe that some unseen hand is guiding the cannibal parents to weed out the least fit of their offspring ahead of any indication of such fitness, in order that the most fit--the most likely to push Evolution along--have a better chance of survival.

In this article, we can read how a computer model was used to demonstrate this! How convenient. If one can't find actual animals to portray the behaviour one wants to observe, just create some on a computer and program them how to act. These are the levels to which true believers will stoop, rather than give up their useless religion.

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  1. As we know from the last election, most folks just believe what they want, regardless of facts or common sense.


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