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Friday, 24 April 2015

At the sound of the trumpet

"So the Spirit of the LORD took control of Gideon, who blew a trumpet, mustering the descendants of Abiezer to follow him into battle." --Judges 6:34 ISV

I don't follow World Net Daily news much anymore, having been burned a few too many times by their sensationalist approach to journalism. But I never dismiss any news out of hand due solely to the source, and this particular piece really caught my attention today.

In my coverage of mysterious air crashes, I keep running across the theory that a person could be pre-programmed to fly a plane into the ocean; it's about the least conspiratorial theory to account for several spectacular crashes in the past couple of decades. In this particular story, though--based on an eyewitness account now verified through the power of the internet--a trumpet was sounded to incited normally peaceable people to murderous violence.

“They were very hospitable and would invite you in,” she said. “But, if a distant signal was given – it sounded something like a trumpet – then they would instantly change, and would attempt to harm you. Yet if the signal sounded again, they would immediately switch back to normal.” 
It's the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. What other lessons could we--should we--learn from this event?

This week also marked the passage of a man who passed on to me, as he received it from the lips of a man who experienced it, unpublished information on the Battle of Shiloh (which he still referred to as the Battle of Shiloh Church). He may have been the last living person who was only one link removed from a first-hand account of a Civil War battle and its aftermath, which goes to show that it can often take over 100 years for the history of a war, or even a battle, to finish being written.


  1. Can you imagine the history that dies every day?

  2. I just read that article on the Armenian Genocide ("The Armenian Genocide and My Grandmother's Secret"). It was fascinating.

    Islam is totally Satanic, so if you are surrendered to Islam you are surrendered to Satan. The same thing with Hitler or Stalin---they were demon-possessed. If you were surrendered to Hitler, Stalin or some Muslim leader in Turkey in 1915 you were brainwashed to follow the devil's orders.

    Christian cults are similar, though maybe not as violent. The same principle applies. The Lord once had me help someone escape a Christian cult in New York state:

    "A Christian Cult"


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