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Monday, 26 January 2015

Indiana Revival Report: Day 15

I was struck today by the list of cities that Time to Revive has been in so far:

"Dallas-based Time to Revive began with the the 2007 Dallas Revival and six revivals that have happened since. What started as a gathering of believers in Dallas, TX has since ignited eight other city awakenings:  REVIVE Santa Fe (NM), Awaken the Valley (Sedona, AZ), reviveFLINT (MI), reviveASHEVILLE (NC), reviveSEATTLE (WA), reviveDEVILSLAKE (ND), reviveRICHMOND (CA), reviveCOLUMBIA (SC) and reviveTWINCITIES (MN).  They are currently planning and committing to reviveINDIANA!"

Notice that, up until now, the focus has always been on a single town, city, or metropolis. This time, an entire state. And so it is. People are driving in from 2 and 3 hours away. Churches are seeing what would normally be a Sunday morning crowd show up at 7am on a Saturday before hitting the streets to share the gospel. Yesterday (a day off from the meetings, in order for people to re-connect with their own churches), a man was so overcome by the need for corporate repentance that he strode to the front of a megachurch, took the microphone away from the preacher, and made the call. Within minutes the stage was crowded with penitent parishioners. 

And this isn't about a man, or even an organization. ReviveTUPELO, which was originally scheduled to hold its first week of meetings next month, is going ahead with the schedule without the Time to Revive team, which has committed to staying in Indiana until the first week of March. The momentum continues to build.

Police cars can be seen parked outside the meeting halls, with policemen in uniform joining in the services (Saturday night's meeting was so overcrowded--over 2000 in a church built for, at most, half that many--that the Clinton Township Fire Department showed up, just in case). Today, the Bristol Sun breaks the story with an online photo:
This is one of the 200 teams that hit the streets Saturday with the pictured New Testaments (either English or Spanish), which are specially marked so people can find and read the gospel message from Romans and Ephesians. About half of the teams 'ate out' together (with or without actually consuming the food), which resulted in numerous encounters with restaurant staff and patrons. And these teams are all made up on the spot--almost always of people who didn't know each other before this week.

The evening services are being recorded and are available online, as well as being broadcast live over 104.7 WFRN. They are simultaneously translated into Spanish, and now sign language.

There's not much more to report, except that the revival continues to grow deeper, broader, and wider. And there are still almost 40 days to go.

BREAKING: This week's theme is "The Marketplace" targeting businesses as well as churches. This is happening NOW:
Prayer & Praise report- An owner of Fork's RV factory in LaGrange County has asked Kyle Lance Martin to come and share with his employees. So this morning he is shutting down the factory line and calling everyone to hear the Gospel - plant 1 and plant 2. God is moving in the marketplace!
TUESDAY UPDATE: There isn't much new to report for Day 16. Wednesday is "Skip for Jesus Day" with hundreds of high schoolers expected to skip school to evangelize. We'll have a detailed report on Thursday.

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