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Friday, 1 August 2014

In honor of Barack Hussein Obama's 53rd birthday, I'm revisiting the question of his birth.

I was a bit taken aback, a month before the US President turned 53, to be asked if I was a "birther." As one of the 50% of Americans not yet convinced that he fulfills the Constitutional requirement of being a "natural born citizen," I had to answer "yes."

But not being convinced is different than not being convincible. So I now offer this link to refute one of the "birther" accusations which I alluded to earlier: that Obama's Granny Sarah claimed to have been present at his Kenyan birth. It turns out that all she was claiming was being present in Kenya when she received news of his birth--in Hawaii. Quite deceptive it was of those who spread this rumor to cut off the tape right before she explained herself.

Edited to Add:

I wrote earlier about Snopes quietly replacing their claim that Barry had been delivered by Rodney T. West, but I hadn't looked the latest iteration of that website. On it, now, are four videos by John Woodman, author of Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?. As a result of watching them, and reading parts of the book, I can no longer say that I am a 'birther.' In other words, I'm satisfied with the efforts of ordinary Americans to bolster President Obama's claim that he was born in Hawaii, and at the same time view as sufficiently discredited every person who has claimed otherwise. Although many of the claims themselves have yet to be debunked, the persons offering them all have.

So, all of my questions have not yet been answered--and some probably won't be. But I've seen enough to be convinced: Barack Obama II was, for at least the first five years of his life, a native born American citizen.

It's ridiculous that this had to take six years, and for that Obama's own conceit must bear most of the blame.

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  1. To me part of the description of a conservative and a Bible believing Christian is you comment "But not being convinced is different than not being convincable." A mind and heart need to be open to truth even if we don't find it acceptable.

    Grace and peace.


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