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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Why I won't be buying any of Pat Williams' books

Counter Although it was fast eclipsed by my opening post on albinism, my expression of opposition to Arthur Blessitt's divorce and second marriage has stayed in a strong second place ever since.

Now, I have a similar sad story to relate--I speak of the divorce and second marriage of Pat Williams.

Recently, my own marriage was helped by reading a book written by Pat and his wife Jill--a book I'd heard about when it first came out but had never read. I remembered that I hadn't heard from them since they were given a big magazine spread featuring them and their 18 children (14 of whom were adopted). I found, to my dismay, that--only 10 years after publishing a book sharing how Pat was able to singlehandedly save their marriage--Jill once again felt estranged from him, but this time, unlike before, she saw divorce as the solution. Their divorce wasn't even final yet when Pat fell in love with a single mother of one, whom his website now touts as the mother of "their" 19 children. As in the case of Arthur and Sherry, there is not a single mention of the woman with whom he posed with all 18 children. The woman with whom he coauthored at least three books. The woman who pushed him to adopt all those children in the first place.

Pat, on the other hand, had gone on with nary a glitch. Like Arthur, he's very close to the children and now their children. He's even had the temerity to coauthor, with new item Ruth, a book on raising a megafamily (he and Jill coauthored one back when they had only 10 children).

This adds to the considerable list of people who have appeared on Focus on the Family to talk about how God's hand was upon their marriage--only to disappear off the radar later on when, apparently, it wasn't.

ADDED MARCH 28, 2014
This post is a big hit today. In trying to find out why, I've found a few other articles on the story, like this one which says that Pat had to pay Jill $10,000 a year until HE remarried. That's odd, but it could certainly be a motivation to do so.  And--dreadful. He's written another book with his latest item, "Happy Spouse, Happy House."


  1. For those who are wondering, Jill--according to her Facebook page--married someone else as well.

  2. Twenty-nine years ago my wife ran off with my golfing buddy. She "no faulted" me. We had been married in a triple wedding(3 sisters). For 10 years I was a happy camper! They married. I have remained "single until reconciled."(I Cor. 7:10) While they had been foolin' around behind my back, they tried to use Pat's "Rekindled" book to blame me for my wife's "syn"-opsis of our marriage.... this all the while(behind my back) they were taking "long drives" with each other on Sunday afternoons. Years later I called in on a LIVE CBN program where they were interviewing Pat pushing that very same book. I phoned and miraculously got plugged in live to ask Pat, "Jill wasn't 100% innocent as you state in the book, was she"? They cut me off and Pat gave some hemmed and hawed response. Again, years later, when I was walking into my grocery store, who but, none other than Pat, pulls up next to me, with his window down. He was pleading hysterically, "Do you know where the NEAREST post office box is located"? He was waving a large manilla envelope and seemingly needed it to be mailed YESTERDAY! I cried, "Hey's it going"?(which MUST have added to his hysteria)! I sent him inside the store to inquire. This was 40 miles north of Orlando at 9:00 PM...and at the same exact time that Shaquille O'Neal was considering leaving the Orlando Magic(Pat was VP)for greener pastures. The rest is history, but NOT completely over. Pat's boss and I attended the same church. I discussed my contact with Pat and the divorces. The boss (who should know)admitted that there had been NO innocent party before Pat's break-up. You NEVER know who you are going to run into...Years later I phoned my "one flesh for life" spouse and said, "Hi, this is Chuck." She paused and asked, "Chuck who"? Man I miss my golfing buddy! See I Cor. 6:9-10.

  3. In checking out "Happy Spouse, Happy House" by Pat and Ruth Williams, I see where they give great credance to Dr. Ed Wheat's book, "Love Life for Every Married Couple" which ironically is the same book Pat credits for saving his marriage with Jill and thus came about the book by he and Jill, "Rekindled".


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