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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Crooked Lawyers in the White House

Counter So far, America has had two husband-wife teams of lawyers make it to the White House as President and First Lady (and, very nearly, as President and First Philanderer). But while they may have studied law--and even, in some cases, taught it--neither Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, or Michelle Obama are licensed lawyers today. Why not? Well, because they were crooks and had to turn in their licenses or face prosecution. What was Michelle Obama's crime? Insurance fraud. And her husband is  the one bringing us universal health insurance coverage--the only way he could think of to end the patient-dumping practice his wife was engaging in when she lost her law license.

UPDATE October 2014
Snopes claims there's nothing odd about both Obamas voluntarily giving up their rights to legal practice. The defense would have been a bit more credible had they been able to show a single other example of a millionaire couple voluntarily putting their law licenses into inactive status.

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