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Monday, 16 April 2012

Not a good week for the "natural-born citizen" conspiracy

Counter Why is it that just about every single time I stick my neck out to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt as to the legitimacy of his presidency, I end up having to retract it? This just in--There are no State Department records showing that Barack Obama Sr. traveled to Kenya for his son's birth. There are, in fact, no immigration records at all, for that entire week. They are ALL missing. Do you realize the magnitude of this scam? There is absolutely no evidence, whether documentary, court testimony, or forensic, to disprove Barack Obama's legend. It's all either sealed or missing. In its place we have only anecdotal evidence, and it is contradictory. This man has something MASSIVE to hide.


  1. Anyone with the slightest part of a brain voted against him the first time. Those who voted FOR him won't be convinced by even a mountain of solid evidence.

  2. I will be happy when November comes, and you can vote him out!

  3. Actually, Ian, I don't have a whole lot of hope that that will happen. We are quite a ways away from the deadline for getting on the ballot, and if you recall what happened in 1996, Bill Clinton was way down in the polls and having to bomb a medicinal plant to divert attention from his sex scandal. Then along came Ross Perot with his fiscally conservative platform, pulling in 8% of the vote and allowing Clinton to win with 49%. I believe Obama can count on getting 45-49% of the vote no matter what, so if his opposition is divided he can still win even if most American voters pick somebody else.
    Not to mention that a foreign corporation associated with George Soros in in charge of counting the votes this November.


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