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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Taser death ruled a homicide

As I mentioned earlier on this blog, the time has now passed in which The Policeman Is Your Friend. Police officers are so focused on their own self-preservation that they're only about as safe as a junkyard dog. Leashed in by the law, they're only a threat to the intruders; but watch out if their sense of self-preservation or even self-importance snaps the flimsy leash. Then they go like murder after the guests.

Delano Smith found this out when the police entered the building he was in to investigate a disturbance. They found Mr. Smith in a disturbed state surrounded by broken furniture, broken glass, and his own blood. Now, as far as I know, it's not a crime to break furniture or glass, even if you get cut in the process. But the police proceeded to take him down anyway--for his own protection, of course. But when, like the little boy who didn't want a spanking, he wouldn't hold still or submit to their ministrations, they let loose with their Tasers--several of them. As a result, Delano died.

It's rather ironic that police would kill a man for his own protection, but that's what their job has degenerated to now that the criminals they catch are just sent back out on the streets, often before the arresting officer has even finished his shift.

One wonders if Delano Smith might still be alive had the police sent an attack dog after him instead of firing their Tasers at him. At least police dogs are trained to go for the right arm--not the jugular.

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  1. I've been tracking these taser-related deaths in America. They happen on a weekly basis.

    We need to keep our eye on these cases. I'm glad that you brought this matter to the attention of your blog readers.

    peace, Villager


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