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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dolphins are fish

I have before me two cans of Bumble Bee brand Dolphin Safe Premium Chunk Light Tuna. Each bears a logo reading, "FISH TALES: See Inside of Label."

What does the word 'fish' mean, according to Bumble Bee? Well, a couple of things, depending on which label you read.

According to label #1, a fish is a swimming creature that can communicate by means of coded electrical signals--a rather unscientific statement that errs in a couple of ways, even if the fish in question are elephant snouts.

According to label #2, a fish is a swimming creature with a bone structure in its appendages similar to that of humans. Interesting, if not particularly scientific, because the fish in question are dolphins.

It seems that all manner of pseudoscience is permitted in popular literature, so long as the theory of allele creation by natural selection on random gene mutations is upheld.

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