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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Did Ted Kennedy commit suicide?

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On August 26, 2009, Americans awoke to the news that the senior Senator from Massachusetts had died the day before. The next three days were more or less devoted to extensive coverage of the late Senator's life and career.

Several things about this announcement strike one as suspicious. First of all, the source. The news did not come from a hospital or a coroner, but from the Kennedy family. According to news outlets, the body is being kept in state at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport until it is transported to Boston for the funeral. There was no mention of any funeral home handling the arrangements.

The second suspicious thing about this announcement is the timing. Kennedy's death came only two weeks after the death of his sister at the same Hyannisport estate. And his funeral will come at the end of the Summer Recess, immediately after which Congress is due to vote on the health care takeover that Kennedy championed for the last 45 years.

And lastly, it's suspicious that Kennedy's death came shortly after a letter was released in which he requested the Massachusetts legislature to change the succession law, allowing Governor Patrick to appoint his successor.

It all ties into the conclusion that Kennedy planned for his death to take place at the most advantageous time politically. If it was a suicide, you can be sure that those privy to that fact are sworn on the darkest possible oaths to utmost secrecy.


  1. Yes, indeed, I feel Kennedy did end his life...
    Listen closely to Senator Kerry... he almost spilled the beans in the "JFK library eulogy..." I can't remember his exact words but he eluded to something suggesting he (Kerry) was close to the Kennedy at the time of the death--how would Kerry be suddenly alerted to attend Kennedy's bedside and know that he was about to die?
    When Jackie Kennedy was just before dying...the same type of cloudy circumstances surounded her--She died very quietly with her "family and her books" according to sources...very "Kevorkianish..."

  2. Was ist das deutsch link?

  3. It's a counter button that I installed way back when I began the blog. People keep clicking on it as if it will take them to some interesting site. Which it may, IF they can read German.

  4. This is interesting; almost all the searches that lead to this post are "did Jackie Kennedy commit suicide?"


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