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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another holocaust in the making?

I got this in an email today.

The relevant text reads:

"It was called The Holocaust, when millions of people perished because of their faith."

There's something wrong with the picture here. None of the millions of people listed "perished just because of their faith." The Jews who died in the holocaust were not killed primarily for their religious beliefs, or even for living out those religious beliefs. They were killed because of their race. And the reason it was so easy to identify their race was because it was listed on their birth certificates--and thus on their identity documents. And their census records.

As it is today.

In that sense, we are all set for another holocaust to come along at any time.

Religion can be changed. Race can't.

Those who don't learn from history will have to repeat it.

And by the way, this is no joke. The White Man does not celebrate National Atheists Day.

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  1. BUT.... sooner or later... it will be a big "holocaust" in the world.

    Since Apo 17 and 18, said that "Babylon the Great" (false religions) will be complete destroyed by the beast of the 7 heads and 10 crowns (world politic empire) and the other beast (ONU).

    So in the near future the politic empire of the world will give more politic power to the ONU, or it demostrate it, and they will want to make real their own though, that is the same though of God, ... this is: to destroy the organized religions of the world... and of course, in order to takes their money. (Apo 17:15-18 ; 18:7, 8)

    This amazing event in the world will begin the "great tribulation" (Mt 14:21)... or if you like to say a "great holocaust".

    This begin the end of the "last days" of this system, and will end with the war of the God against this corrupt society, against the heads of it: the kings of the Earth, and everyone else that doesn't accept the real "Good News" of the upcoming God's goverment (his Kingdome) and for those that don't get to know the truly God, this is the Armagedon (2ª Thessdalonians 1:6-10 ; Apocalypses 16:14-16)


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