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Friday, 6 March 2009

Child killer prosecuted in Florida

A few weeks ago I reported on the unusual case in Florida where The legislature initiated prosecution of a homicide.

It evoked the following comment by 'sjc' which I give here in italics, with my own comments interspersed.
Actually you probably don't see this elsewhere because it isn't true. Notice the article ONLY references its own website for more info. Notice too that the facts don't make sense

This is rather sobering that sjc would still, as of March 6th, think this was a made up story, when it now being followed by:

The South Florida Times
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The Miami New Times
Buffalo News
The Tallahassee Democrat
Just to name some American news outlets.

It's made international news as well, with articles in
Diario Las Americas
ACI Prensa

O Globo

Avortiment IVG



Dagelijk Sesstandaar

To name a few.

Suspect claim: The doctor only showed up after the baby was born
Abortions are NOT performed that late in pregnancy. There is 0 chance that she was there for a legal abortion and the baby was born.

Fact: abortions are performed at all stages of pregnancy, from several hours after conception to the moment of birth.

This sounds to me like yet another made up story with no other purpose than to sicken people and give them an incorrect view of what actually goes on in the world.

But it isn't.

There is probably no news here at all. If this really happened, and the police were at all involved, it would be ALL OVER the news.

Yes, it should be, but that was the whole point of me posting it. Sooner or later it will get picked up by everybody else, should the case result in a conviction for Second Degree Murder.

This one doesn't pass the stink test at all.

Hmm. . . and it was even covered a whole month ago by the Huffington Post!

I rest my case. Thanks, sjc, for your comment. I hope you take the time to closely examine my response.

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