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Thursday, 3 July 2008

They were wrong about the camelion

A certain creationist organization, which has been mentioned previously on this blog, was wrong.

When confronted concerning the two giraffes in a large painting of Noah's Ark that they were offering as a premium to supporters, the Answers Department claimed that they were following rabbinical law in depicting giraffes as unclean (if clean, there would have been seven of them).

Well, the rabbis were wrong in the first place; they'd never bothered to check any giraffes to see if they could be kosher. Once they did--no surprise--the number of giraffes on Noah's Ark jumped to seven.

The Creationists were wrong to follow the rabbis. Had they read Deuteronomy 14:5 in the first Bible published in English, they would have already identified the camelion (giraffa camelopardalis) as a clean animal:

"a capret, a wielde oxe, tregelafun, Þat is, a beeste in parti lijk a buk of geet, and in parti liik an hert, a figarde, an ostrich, a camelioun, Þat is, a beeste lijk in the heed to a camel, and haÞ white spottis in Þe bodi as a parde, and is lijk an hors in Þe necke, and in the feet is lijc a wilde oxe."
--Revised Wycliffe Version, c. 1395

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