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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

In which the White Man tries his hand at Rap

I'm an ex-gay
I was born that way*
So listen to me
Consider what I say

I left the night
Now I live in the day
I'm walking the strait
And narrow way

So don't tell me to change
Or call me deranged
I'm normal--its just
That you are strange

Diversity, diversity, diversity, diversity . . .

You talk about rights
I've set my sights
On getting sound bites
And a place in the lights

So enough of your hate
At everything straight
You can't take that hate
With you through the Gate

Applaud ex-gays
And give us praise
We're going through this phase
'til the end of our days

Diversity, diversity, diversity, diversity . . .

*During the first several months of my lifetime struggle, I was a male trapped in a female body.

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