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Friday, 15 February 2008

Is Answers in Genesis a Cult?

What is going on in Petersburg, Kentucky? Concerned citizens want to know.
As a long-time supporter of Answers in Genesis, the White Man was dismayed to find out, about a year ago, that Ken Ham had initiated legal action against the ministry that originally sent him to America as "a missionary from Australia."

It's every mission organization's worst nightmare: a missionary you sent to the field sets up his own organization and then tries to take over the parent ministry. Fortunately, this nightmare hardly ever comes true. But for the Creation Science Foundation of Australia, this is exactly what has happened.

I don't know the details of what's going on at the Answers Museum. But I have been to a few museums in my life--even ones that were named after a famous benefactor. But in no other museum that I know of is the founder's father part of the permanent display.

Those coming to this post may have hoped for an answer to the question posed by the title. At present, I don't know enough to give one for sure. But for those who have seen cultic tendencies in the corporate actions of Ligonier Ministries and Vision Forum, this link* will show the same shenanegans being perpetrated by Answers in Genesis, even as I write.

*The link is dead as of April 2009. I have now been to the Answers Museum, and the tribute to Ken Ham's father is still a part of the permanent display.

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