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Wednesday, 19 December 2007



The White Man prefers to steer clear of politics, given that so much of his time is already consumed with supporting the majority of his fellow countrymen who are on the state, federal, or local direct deposit plan. But I can't keep from recommending Ann Coulter's warning to all the Suckerbees who've fallen for Huckerbee (pardon the misspelling). It's here.

In the Dec. 19th Reuters report on the Presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee is admitted to be statistically tied for Republican front-runner nationwide, a fact imposssible to ignore. The report says that Huckabee has has drawn even with Giuliani, having "moved ahead" of Thompson, Romney, and McCain, and Paul. While this is certainly true of the first four (and that other candidate, "Unsure,") Huckabee has never been behind Paul. Giuliani has been the front-runner from the beginning; Huckabee has moved from fifth place to statistically a tie for first; but Paul remains a constant and increasingly distant sixth nationwide. Most of the support he stood to pick up from the declining candidates has now shifted to Huckabee, with the remainder going to Romney.

So, Huckabee has received the annointing from on high. Without it, maybe he would be in a statistical dead heat with Ron Paul--which, in the White Man's opinion, is where he belongs.

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