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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A Religious Test of Office

Dennis Rawlings is the editor, publisher, and prime contributor to DIO, a whistleblowing journal that focuses on the historical side of psuedoscience.
Inasmuch as this area is my specialty, I thoroughly enjoy reading about such things as the debunking of both Peary's and Byrd's claim to reach the North Pole.
However, as I read further, I realized that I am interestingly disqualified to submit articles to this journal myself. Here is what the journal states as its policy:

DIO is primarily a journal of scientific history & principle. However, high scholarship and/­or original analytical writing (not necessarily scientific or historical), from any quarter or faction, will be gladly received and considered for publication. Each author has final editorial say over his own article. If refereeing occurs, the usual handsome-journal anonymity will not, unless in reverse. No page charges. Each author receives 50 free offprints.
The circumstance that most DIO articles are written by scholars of international repute need not discourage other potential authors, since one of DIO's purposes is the discovery & launching of fresh scholarly talent.
Except for equity&charity reply-­space material, submissions will be evaluated without regard to the writer's status or identity. We welcome papers too original, intelligent, and­or blunt for certain handsome journals. (Dissent & controversy are per se obviously no bar to consideration for DIO publication; but, please: spare us the creationist-­level junk. I.e., non­establishment cranks need not apply.)

As a crank who is outside of the establishment, I am barred from submitting an article in my own name. This is a religious test of office.

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