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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Head Covering and Symbolism: The Challenge

In the previous post I asked if hair length "is even hinted at as a gender-distinguishing trait anywhere else in Scripture." The Apostle John's testimony in Apocalypse 9:8 is offered in defense of the affirmative.

"And they had hairs as hairs of women, and the teeth of them as of lions were"

First of all, this testimony will serve as no precedent for Paul in First Corinthians, as it was written far later. Secondly, notice that the word here usually translated "hair" is not komh, the "long hair" of 1 Cor. 11:14-15 (and nowhere else), but trixas, the accusative plural of the feminine word qrix--the same word used, but in the nominative, in 1:14 for the hair on the head of the Resurrected Christ. So whatever feature it is that characterizes the hair on these monsters, it is not specified as being length. There's nothing to indicate, for example, that their hair was any longer than the Risen Christ's.

So my challenge stands. Long hair as a distinctly feminine trait is not so much as hinted at outside the Headship Symbolism Passage.

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