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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Women have long hair and wear dresses

--At least according to the new walk signals on the streets of Madrid, Spain.

This, despite the fact that the ethnic group most likely to put their women in dresses (Muslims) do not present a clearly distinct profile between their men and women; other than that a man is more likely to wear pants rather than a robe, and a woman is more likely to wear a dress over her pants than pants without a dress; also, that a man is much more likely to appear without his head wrapped up than a woman would, and a woman so appearing is still more than likely to have long hair.

Sound confusing? It is, but no one is confused by a profile of a figure wearing a dress to the knees: It's the universal symbol for a female.

Even in cultures where the women normally wear pants.

UPDATE APRIL 2016: This is finally changing. I received a report of a unisex bathroom in South Africa that depicted two profiles side by side: one with narrower shoulders and wide hips, the other with wider shoulders and narrower hips. There was no discernible difference in hair or dress.

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