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Saturday, 21 May 2005

Decent AND stylish?

The revival of Islamic garb among jet-setting Middle Eastern women is stretching the limits of the traditional dress code:

The Koran and Sunnah, or teachings of the Prophet, instruct Muslim women to cover their whole body, except for the hands and face, with loose and nondiaphanousclothes. They make no mention of form, style and color, leaving the door open to personal interpretation.
"A woman's clothes shouldn't make her look odd in the society she belongs to, but that doesn't necessarily mean they shouldn't be colorful or trendy," Sheikh Shafii explains. "In a society where everybody wears showy clothes, a veiled woman can wear showy clothes and in a society where people tune down style and colors, it is preferable that she does that, too. It is all very relative."

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